dinsdag 15 april 2014

Outfit/Gold thread

Hai sweeties! 
I had such a great time last weekend celebrating my B-day. I went to the Efteling a dutch theme parc. And last saturday I had a little party with my family. My best friend and I went went to the fair and made these outfit pictues. On this post I wearing my new jacket from H&M trend with gold tread. I understand why this jacket is so expensive, because all of the work. The jacket is oversized and fits on everything. I'm hoping to make this week more outfitpics, I'll hope the weather stays dry. But for now have a great day. 

What I'm wearing

Jacket/ H&M trend 
Top/ H&M 
Jeans/ Zara 
Heels/ H&M 
Bag/ Zara 

donderdag 10 april 2014

Outfit/ It's my B-DAY!

Yes, today is my B-day and I'm going to celebrate with my family. We going to a theme parc and spend the whole day to ride in the roller coasters. The party is on saturday with friends and family and I going to make the best of it. Today I'm wearing my new dress from H&M. I bought the dress for the summer, but I could not wait. It was not my intention to wear my nike sandals on some the pictures, but sometimes I forgot to take them off haha! So I think it's funny to use some of the pictures with the sandals, to remind me of this funny moment.

dinsdag 8 april 2014

Get Inkt!

A special post today, I want to show you my latest tattoo. I can't tell you how happy I am. I'll be onest, It hurts like hell! I think the pain depents where you want the tattoo on your body. I have two on my back (a dragon to) and the pain was killing me haha!. But I'm not done yet, next week one on my arm. 
I have always a fasination about bats, they are mysterious but very intiligent. The tattoo I want on my arm are also bats, I like to be different, what do you think of my ink?  

maandag 7 april 2014

Outfit/ Just lost..

What I'm wearing: 

Clutch/ Zara 
Jacket/ Bazaar
Hat/ Adidas
Wedges Sneakers/ Zara 
Top/ Adidas
Trouser/ Zara

zaterdag 5 april 2014

Outfit/ All the memories inside my head.

Finally the firt outfitpost of april. I was sick last week after my visit at the tattoo shop. Not from the tattoo but from something I eat. But I'm all better now and next week I'll make a lot of outfitpost. I choose to wear my army jacket again for today. This jacket is so perfect for this weather and to combine it with some sneaker it's a perfect streetstyle outfit. Well I have to go working but see you in a bit! 

What I'm wearing: 

Sneakers/ Nike Airmax
Pvc Trouser/ River Island 
Bag/ Zara 
Jacket/ 2nd hand